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Monday, 16 May 2011

The Existential vs. the Absurd

 Pictured: Sisyphus (1548-1549) by Titan

                                            The Existential vs. the Absurd 
                                   The Aesthetics of Nietzsche and Camus

The following Link will take you to an academic paper that is well worth the effort to get your hands on, whether through the proper licensing or a jstor account access to this document will allow for a brilliant resource on the understanding of Absurd & Existential Aesthetics of Art.

The document that is linked below discuss the various aspects in depth, that make up the Aesthetics of Existentialism & The Absurd both in specific regard to their pioneers, Nietzsche & Camus. The study of these specific philosophers and their contributions to these fields fit extremely well with my own conceptual handling of works in literature, art and film.

I recommend reading this essay, the conclusion of which fits nicely in furthering our understanding of how these philosophical benchmarks have effected our current context, the post-modern world.

"An artist...  if he can tell himself that, finally, as a result of his long effort, he has eased or decreased the various forms of bondage weighing upon men, then in a sense he is justified...."
-Albert Camus

"The profound Greek, so uniquely susceptible to the subtlest and deepest sufferings ... was saved by art, and through art life reclaimed him...." 
- Friedrich Nietzsche

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