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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Before Radar, We We're Quite Deaf...

The Failed Inventions of A Desperate Situation
The Image above was taken during a period where radar technology was yet to be invented & airplane's ruled the sky's. In a desperate attempt to combat this threat and weakness in the worlds military at the time many inventors took to the labs to find some answer. From this came obscure, cumbersome and failed but all interesting inventions, machines of war that looked more like humorous prop than a potential answer to disaster. As this period came to an end and radar was invented and various other devices to combat the problem we are left with these strange, forgotten images of inventions now mostly lost that seem completely surreal and out of context to any situation, especially that of wartime.
These images leave behind an absurd theme of mankind struggling to perceive or understand this danger beyond their natural sensory ability to the point that science and the government are grabbing at strings, in some a vein attempt for survival.
"Jean Auscher's maritime acoustic locator: 1960.
This remarkable headgear was invented by Frenchman Jean Auscher as an acoustic navigation device in case of radar failure on small vessels. Shown at the 1960 Brussels Inventor's Fair, and, one suspects, nowhere else ever again. "
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